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08-29-2011, 11:16 PM
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Originally Posted by supertacks View Post
I agree Melanfant is the #1 with Flath as #2. Gerein and Hintz should have looked stronger but played like they were already on the team and didn't bother trying.
They should of played like Connor Sych and Blake Robertson who both should easily be on the team, but went at it every time they were on the ice! Good to see that kind of competing at a tryout.
Defense will be large led by Sych who is now a 6 footer and looked very strong throughout the weekend. He had a few end to enders ala Ryan Pilon! Tkatchuk was very strong also. Few first years to choose from. Will be a good team!
I agree with the Sych comment (he showed well, he's no Pilon though), i just wish he would lose the losing the temper thing he always has going on. It really wears thin after a while and could easily be mistaken for just plain old poor sportsmanship (which sometimes I think it is). I thought there was some pretty strong D there actually, a little light (literally) on forwards. Marty may have to have a different game plan this year

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