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I had a herniated disc there in my early 20s, also shooting pain down my left leg. I wasn't playing hockey at the time, but I did play pick up basketball daily. That never added to the pain, I like you, had issues with sitting. My doctor thought playing basketball was fine if it didn't cause me pain, so perhaps you should ask your doctor about Hockey.

My doctor had me take NSAIDs, although it took a while to find one that worked well. OTC Ibuprofen worked best for me. Although what I found, was that with the right chairs, I could sit for hours. Through the years, I have gotten good chairs at work, and know what brand of cars fit my back my well and no longer take any NSAIDs. I remember renting a Nissan when my Pontiac broke down on a trip. I still had a 6 hour drive ahead of me, and when I got home, I had no pain at all. I bought a new Nissan the next month. So I recommend you experiment with desk chairs and when you get a new car, consider the seat.

My doctor also told me to strengthen my core. I didnít listen for 10 years though. Then I ended up in the ER with excruciating back pain (muscle related not disc) that made me unable to move at all. Since then, I have done sit ups, super mans and stretching almost every day. That has been about 3 years ago, and I can sit in just about any chair without pain. I wish I had followed the doctorís advice.

I donít think Hockey will strengthen your core, but it does help your hockey if you do strengthen it. Your will be much more stable, helping everything from shot accuracy, speed to general skating. You have to work on your core though. Daily sit-ups for sure. A weekly Pilates class or two will really help once you have built up the core a bit.

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