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Originally Posted by BLBarmada View Post
Hey all I just got back, took the bus and metro from the west island, 1st BLB is a nice town, Iove the rink it's really nice, much better then the verdump auditorium. The food is reasonably priced although it could be better.

The rink was 2/3 full about, the atmosphere was disappointing. They sound like a bunch of people who barely know hockey.

Marcoux got the start, IMO he stole the game for the Armada, he made several great saves, he stopped Jensen I believe it was and a breakaway, the goals weren't his fault. He didn't stand on his head the whole game but when the Armada needed a save he got it done, and he had a few beauties.

Oliver Picard, played sparingly, wasn't out often and he didnt do much.

Matt Provost, played often, did alright, nothing noteworthy, kinda disappointed from him.

Adam Hoyles, again played sparingly, doesn't look like a Major Junior caliber player, and I don't think he should be on the team.

Elie Berube, he was a disappointment, I expected more, he was on a pairing with Ouellet for almost all of his shifts, looked a little lost at times, and looked slow with the backwards skating. Didnt really effect the game.

Alex Micalef, if he's one of our OAs then get him out, If pretty sure it was him who gift wrapped Jensens 1st goal of the game which was a shorty, I didn't feel that he made a huge impression.

Xavier Ouellet, Man are screwed when he gets traded, he played with Berube, and 1 point he kept going out against Jensen's line, he and Jensen were always at it, and Berube won every time. Very impressed.

Overall our D sucks, they can't breakout or really defend, were Junior AAA caliber in this area.

The Fowards I got a read on are:

EJ Faust, scored a goal, looked alright, bottom line guy.

Jess Tanguy, again scored a goal, one of the better players but he wasn't out much.

JC Laflamme, he played great, battled really hard, skates well, brew really fast, he will be a top 6 guy here 1 day.

Chris Clapperton, disappointed, I expected more but he showed flashes, umm he should play top 6 for us.

Ilya Nikolaiev, scored a goal, looked good, played hard, another top 6 guy.

Mike Clarke, Looked pretty good.

Overall It's going to be aong but fun year. give false reports

picard-just moving into the new club, hes going to make mistakes, overall he is a solid defencemen, its still exhibition

provost-3rd year in the league, played forward last year to answer ur question why he was forward in drummondville and moved back to d this year because there is no room on forward anymore. he was -3 against denmark.

hoyles- its his first year, give him credit he isnt scared and has some skill for a 94 small defencemen. let him adjust to the gamespeed and then we'll see how well he does.

berube- a 95 playing against elite international athletes, give the kid some credit. He wasnt here to make the team, he is here getting experience for the following years to come

micallef- look up his age, 19. that means his not an Over-Age player so he is going to stay, and the first goal was given up by provost on the powerplay. Dont know which arena you were at, but for his first game playing at home, he did alright

ouellet- will be the top d man no questions ask, wait till he has an experience partner to play with and not a young 95, his game will be elevated even that much more. not to mention he isnt going all out since he leaves for NHL camp within the next week

the defence will be a young group but still have some experience in the league, playing against a european team without any practice or game videos of the team, both forwards and defence did good. Dont forget the havent worked on any systems or PP or PK in practice, or have the two units even picked yet.

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