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08-30-2011, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
I think something that people aren't taking into account here, and it may have been covered but I have to leave for class soon so I skipped over a handful of posts, but being able to spend more money and having the right pieces on which to spend that money are mutually exclusive issues. I'm not saying we are in a position to spend more money, but even if we are we can't simply go around throwing contracts are people so that fans can say "hey! they're spending more money!". That does us no good, and ultimately we end up like the Leafs or the Flames or any other team that can, and often does, spend tons of money only to perpetually miss the play offs all together. Chastise Poile all you want, but this isn't NHL11 and you can't simply get whatever player you decide you want so long as you're under the cap. I don't care if we sold out every night since the inaugural season, that would be an absolutely terrible way to run a team.
That all goes back to whether or not you believe that there wasn't one single player available by trade or by free agency that could have helped our team this year.

I don't buy it.

We're left to believe that every single free agent is too expensive, bad fit, too risky, etc. We can't make a trade because no one wants our defensive prospects. Not buying it either.

And if you don't buy it either, then the logical conclusion is that DP either didn't try hard enough to improve the team, or tried and failed, or is honestly going with the "Nick Spaling is the cure to our offensive woes" strategy (which IMHO, is a disaster waiting to happen and considering we haven't been able to find a serious offensive threat in 10+ years of being a franchise, DP loses the benefit of the doubt for me).

Again, what type of player are we waiting for? Ovechkin ain't going to be available. Neither will Crosby, Kane, Datsyuk, etc.

Which is why I don't necessarily buy the line that we're going to use that cash in the near future to improve the team.

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