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08-30-2011, 10:56 AM
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Well, I never said anything like that. All my point was is that we can't simply spend money just to do it. You're right in that we shouldn't be seeking one specific player, but it isn't as if tons of players are available for a few interested clubs. Quite the opposite, in fact. Very few realistic options even exist in the league (players who are as good as our best forwards if not slightly better) which doesn't even subtract those who aren't available, and the only team we can know for sure isn't in on a deal for a particular player is the team who currently pays him. Mix in all of the other potential destinations, the assets needed to complete a deal, the desire or ability to part with those assets, the interest in our city if he has a NTC/NMC (let's be honest, a lot of players who can legitimately help us will have some sort of NTC), and the fragile nature of the trading game itself and it becomes a very complicated process. Now, take into account how Poile seems to always be looking for that character guy on top of all of the other things. We need a guy who has some semblance of two-way play or he's going to get the Svatos treatment (unless, of course, it's a Bergfors-type low-risk move). We need a guy who doesn't have a history of injuries. We need a guy who has shown consistency (again, except in low-risk cases).

So really we are looking for this guy:

1) Improves our forward corps
2)Is available
3)his team isn't demanding a dramatic overpayment
4)other teams aren't driving up the cost of the guy
5)doesn't have a NTC/NMC, or is willing to waive to come here
6)doesn't have a history of injuries
7)fits the character mold
8)passes the Trotz test
9)is within our price range
10)isn't a one-hit wonder

I'm not saying all, or any, of those things are acceptable. I'm just saying that's the reality here. For instance, I wish Trotz would make more of an effort to find a niche for some of these guys who have no defensive instincts. Svatos got hurt, but if Bergfors is buried on the fourth line, given some 2nd unit PP time, and then is shipped off for not performing then we have a problem.

Also, this Spaling-as-a-top-six-forward thing is still overblown. Poile mentioned potential, and all of the sudden it's brought up in posts as if Spaling has been touted as the savior (I know that's hyperbole, but still). Everyone has the right to dog on Poile, and as frustrated as I am it is taking quite a bit of restraint for me to not go ahead and join in, but we should probably be looking at some of the things like the list I posted above rather than taking comments out of context, adding more of our twist to them, and then using them against the guy.

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