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08-30-2011, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
For every Detroit, there are many Tampa's and Pittsburgh's the last 10 years, anyone notice that? And I think there will be many more.
Acutally, no. There's Washington, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Tampa... and that's it. And only half those teams have Cups.

The top six teams in the East this year were evenly split between three recent tankers (Washington, Pittsburgh and Tampa) and three non-tankers (Philly, Boston and Montreal). And out West, really, do any of the top-6 clubs qualify as recent tankers?

Half of the last Cups since the lockout also went to non-tankers: Boston, Anaheim, and Detroit. (And not 2/3rds like I said earlier -- some MathMan I am sometimes).

Being consistently successful does not preclude grabbing the occasional high pick due to an unlucky or down season or via trade (like Philly and Boston did). The successful-to-failed tanker ratio is pretty grim, though. Edmonton seems to be held up as an example where all they've demonstrated so far is management incompetence; I doubt they will contend with that management team in place.

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