Thread: Confirmed with Link: JVR Signs Contract Extension
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08-30-2011, 12:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
JVR would be an apex moron if he signed for 6 years at a low cap hit. Expect it to be at or above Giroux's cap hit, and that's a bit ridiculous given that JVR has yet to show any consistency as an 82 game player. Hell, he scored a hat trick last year and Timonen called him out for inconsistent effort after the game.
There's very little risk that JVR wont become a 4.25m player in the near future, and a case can be made that he's there already.

For 6 years, I'll take it.

The options were probably this or a short term deal in the 3.5 range. I'd rather take the 6 year deal that has the potential to be a massive steal, would you not?

In fact, I'd imagine they gave JVR and Giroux the same choice. 6yrs/4.25m or 3yrs/3.75m. They probably just picked different ones. Wouldnt shock me.

It's a little high now, but I think you'd be crazy to argue that this was a bad decision on Holmgren's part

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