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08-30-2011, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
He signed with Washington because Washington was the only team left. He had no options. Who's to say we couldn't have gotten him if we'd pursued him? If he wanted to win, he wasn't going to go to Colorado. TB was likely never seriously in the market because they needed to save cash to keep Stamkos. That leaves us and Washington, and had we offered him 3-4 million Washington probably couldn't have matched. Even after trading Varly's 2.8 mil hit for Vokoun's 1.5, they're 800k over the cap.
It's interesting that you read that into the article where it doesn't say that. He said on the second day of FA he called Washington. It doesn't say no one was interested and this was the only thing left. He said he received disappointing offers and wanted to go to a winning team. How is that he went to the only team left? I guess it makes sense to spin it that way to suit your argument, but that is not what the article says.

As it turns out, that really wasn't a situation. Bryz and Vokoun both wanted to go to winning teams...that's not Colorado. Washington wasn't interested in a goaltender apparently until Vokoun's agent contacted them. We still could have gotten one or the other, and we would have been in a superior bargaining position. As I pointed out earlier, bidding WAS out of the negotiations wouldn't have been difficult at all, and TB was probably never in the hunt.
We don't know what the situation would have been had we not signed Bryz. We may have still gotten him or we may have gotten Vokoun. Maybe we would have paid less for Bryz or Vokoun. Or maybe we would have gotten neither or paid more for either. You can't sit there and say we unequivocally would have gotten either for less if we waited because Vokoun signed in Washington for less. That is not how it works. Like I said a month ago when this topic came up, we don't know what Vokoun was thinking, until now when he said he wanted to go to a winner. Maybe Washington was #1 all along. Just because the Flyers had an opening doesn't mean he would have signed here if Washington was his #1 choice. It's not a one for one switch.

Originally Posted by Jester View Post
This post is embarrassing for you.

Vokoun is saying there that he went to the only place left to sign where he was assured of getting a shot at the playoffs. You don't think Philly would have met that criteria if we'd beaten the "disappointing offers" on July 1st?

I mean, are you serious dude?
This post is embarrassing for you. Where does it say Washington was the only team left so I signed there? When I read it it said I wanted to play for a winning team so after receiving disappointing offers, we called Washington and went there. Please show me what you are talking about when he said that he had no other options, because maybe I read a different article where it said he got other offers that were disappointing and then made first contact with the Caps and signed there. Oh wait, I have the quote right here:

The 35-year-old Czech native signed a one-year deal with the Capitals worth a meager $1.5 million in July, just a season after he earned $6.3 million in Florida. Vokoun, who had widely been considered the top free agent goalie available, later described the offers he got — including a three-year deal from the Panthers — as “disappointing.” His agent at the time, Michael Deutsch (Vokoun switched to Octagon’s Allan Walsh late last month), called Capitals General Manager George McPhee the day after free agency opened and said the netminder would take a lesser deal to play in Washington.
I guess that article is different from the one you are reading.

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