Thread: Confirmed with Link: JVR Signs Contract Extension
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08-30-2011, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Protest View Post
None of that changes the fact that he was not a $5 million player when he signed the deal.

He was paid based on what the Flyers thought he would become, same as JvR.
He also wasn't signed for 6 years. Which matters. He was, however, a notably better player than JVR when he signed that deal, with FAR more leverage to extract a higher contract from the Flyers.

The primary complaint about Holmgren is that he NEVER uses leverage to keep cap hits down, which is why we constantly end up at the top of the cap ceiling with no wiggle room.

This is yet another example of that.

Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
Not sure I completely understand the angst. Flyers view JVR as a blue chip player..similar to Carter and Richards when they made their commitments before completely proving their meddle. When you invest in stock particularly one you consider a blue chip you don't buy it high after the company etc has already proven their earnings potential. Sure JVR might be "overbought" too soon but it's a fair calculated risk IMO. I prefer it over giving the likes of Leighton money they definitely don't deserve especially when you've proven yourself to be a career AHL'er and you just choked in a once in a lifetime opportunity (The Stanley Cup FINALS)
Both those deals were criticized when they were signed to one degree or another. The Richards deal was also tied to a much bigger picture of them (unwisely) naming him captain and making him the face of the franchise, for better or worse.

Richards was also in the process of blowing up when he signed his deal, and had been very good for much of the proceeding spring offensively.

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