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10-06-2005, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by anon
it's her below average acting that ultimately gets me. The scenes where she is caressing the newly acquired Cylon Raider is so cheesy. She also tends to overdo it with the facial expressions. Although she is Korean Canadian, I have to wonder whether she picked up her acting lessons in Korea, which could explain her poor skills.
I thought you were going to say something about an unplausible situation where an Asian woman can DRIVE a spaceship competently. But I digress.

I think for a new young actress she's not bad. The part wasn't that greatly written anyway.

Olmos is unbelievable. I actually wasn't expecting much from him, but the man does an absolutely incredible job. Wow! I don't really care about Lee being whiter than cotton. I just wish he was a better actor. The new Apollo character is so much more complex than Richard Hatch's Apollo. He's conflicted, tortured, insecure, confused about his feelings for Starbuck and all that jazz. A good actor would make this character awesome to watch. With this guy, though, you just want the next scene to start.
The actor is bloody terrible. I agree.

For example, I like how the happy go lucky Colonel Tigh from the original has been transformed into a drunken hardass with a soft spot for destructive women.
I've only seen bits and pices of the original show.

I'm not saying Adama isn't a 'tough old bird" or anything, but Adama/TIgh kind of serves as good cop/bad cop eh?

LOL. I think most of the minorities were sent(enced) to Earth and not the other 12 colonies. Just curious, where are the brothas on this show? Is Dee the only black person to have survived the Cylon attack?
Dude, the marine guard guarding Roslin was Black! And the priestess who stepped on a landmine! They were a token Black presence!

(Wait, I think the planet of people taht believe in the prophecy and are religious or whatever are all Black... not sure.)

Hotdog would be good.
Racetrack (Leah Cairns) would be another good one IMO.

They already killed off his fellow replacement pilot, the loser Asian male, correct?
His call sign was CHUCKLES. It's SO BAD. They might as well called him "sliteye".

I wouldn't mind seeing more of Richard Hatch. He's actually a much better actor than he used to be in the 70s. I think the two and a half decades of living in complete obscurity has given him a real edge to his acting.

Command and control is essential in a case like this but everybody bends the rules to his/her liking and insuburdintion is frequent. I know the writers wish to show as some would say how "real people" would act in such as situation but nobodies impertinent actions seem to cost anything
I think the writers want to put the audience at a dilemma. The Pegasus crew is technically and legally correct while morally bankrupt. Galactica is more of a spit and polish loosely organized technically incorrect ship but not morally bankrupt.

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