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08-30-2011, 12:57 PM
Ed finally concedes!
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I'm content with getting Bryzgalov over Vokoun.....heck actually I'm just happy we finally got a bonafide goalie still in his prime. Barring any unforseen disaster injuries he should basically fill the number 1 goalie role for a good portion of his contract (4 to 5 yrs) similar to Luongo when he was acquired. Now hopefully Bryzgalov is better than LeBrongo (the playoff version of Luongo) and I suspect he will be but it's not like Vokoun has a playoff track record to base his added value going forward either. What we do have with Vokoun is that he is older, faced a lot of rubber, had back issues last year, and could be the next Beezer (too little too late).

Bryzgalov has more upside and we had to pay for it..period. We've gone for the blue light special in net for too many years now and has bitten us in the butt. It was time for a paradigm shift and whatever comes of it so be it. Plus it seems after the Boston series minds were made up on a lot of things and one of them was Snider giving his diktat to Holmgren to go after the best goalie possible out there given many variables. That looked to be Bryzgalov from the all these hypotheticals about whether we could have had Vokoun or should have had him instead of Bryzgalov are basically moot since Snider and the Flyers pretty much had their guy tabbed right away. Maybe it was impulsive on the Flyers part and a valid argument can be made in that respect but it's not like their decision to go after Bryzgalov is going to turn out into some unmitigated disaster in the DiPietro category...god forbid.

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