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10-23-2003, 07:02 PM
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It's worth noting how well McPhee did out of this, given that he met with Konowalchuk in the pre-season and they mutually decided that he was probably not in the team's plans, given their proclivity right now to rebuild.

As for Colorado, this addresses a team need, plain and simple. They should be very happy. Hope they can re-sign him. He's an honest, solid hockey player. If he had to go, Kono told McPhee a few months back that the Avs would certainly be a great choice. Everyone should be very happy.

Not looking to start anything ... but if by chance the goalie experiment isn't working out by March, I just hope Lacroix gives McPhee a call! He has a tendency to ensure his trading partners wind up very happy, to seal a deal.