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Originally Posted by Lososaurus View Post

Name        Curve   Depth            Face                 Lie    Toe           Length
Shanahan 	Mid 	    Moderate 	Slightly Open 	6 	Square 	Long

It's now has the Camalleri name on it. Most importantly, it's P2( Pattern 2 ) for Easton. Stick makers will stick whatever big name is currently in the game( or has a deal with them ) on the stick, but the pattern and pattern number remain the same. The current Zetterberg used to be Forsberg and before that was Modano
Funny you mention the Modano/Forsberg/Zetterberg (aka Bauer PM9), because now that Zetterberg left Easton THAT curve is now called the Cammalleri! You're right though that until very recently, the Cammalleri was the Shanahan clone, but I believe they once again no longer make this curve (and neither do any of the other major manufacturers AFAIK).

onetimer, you can still probably find 2010 Cammalleri curves (the Shanahan ones, not the Zetterberg ones), but not for long as it's been discontinued again, so I'd suggest stocking up on a few sticks/blades while you can!

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