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1st Lines




Green and Mickoski are pretty similar players. They're the hard workers on this line designed to get the puck to their more skilled teammates. I adjusted Mickoski's games played to 834, making his career adjusted PPG .5324. Green's is .5831. Remove Green's last season where he was a non-factor, and it goes up to .6464. Advantge to Redvers. But, Mickoski did it in the NHL for longer in a more competitive era. At the same time, Red Green has a very impressive NOHA career that has to be accounted for.

PlayerGamesGoalsAssistsPointsPPGDraft Position
Red Green214318612.9051,094
Bun Cook197714.7368210
Bill Cook171912311.823545
Shorty Green263511461.76921,204

Let's look at goalscoring and point percentages(their 3 best years)


Green: 69, 63, 46(total 178)
Mickoski: 59, 58, 50(total 167)


Green: 81, 56, 47(total 184)
Mickoski: 58, 53, 52(total 163)

Both are advantages to Red Green. When looking at these, in addition to Red's strong NOHA resume, I think he is better offensively, even when you consider Mickoski's longevity at a more competitive NHL level. Both provide a good degree of physicality, Mickoski a little bit moreso. Mickoski also provides better two-way play. In terms of overall players, I think they're more or less a wash.

That brings us to Robbie Ftorek and Billy McGimsie. Both are very strong skaters and stickhandlers. Both are rather small as well. Since I can't win any debate with Ftorek as my center because everyone here hates the WHA, I'm not going to waste my time. McGimsie appears to be better offensively, but I have some questions. TDMM, who was McGimsie's competition in 02-03 and 03-04 when he led the league in goals? And who were some of the other players that were near the top of the points table in the other years? I honestly don't know the answer, I'd like to know. I also think it's important to note that McGimsie was playing in, at best, the 2nd beast league at the time. His Rat Portage teams were twice beaten by eastern team and were not as good as their opponents. But, Ftorek is a grittier player, and provides better two-way play. Robbie also provides more leadership in the locker room. I'm going to wait until TDMM answers my questions before passing judgement. It appears McGimsie's offense gives him an edge despite Ftorek bringing more intangibles to the table, but we'll see.

That brings us to the two all stars of the line, Drozdetsky and McDougall, maybe the 2 best RWers in the draft. Do we know why Tikhonov didn't like Drozdetsky? Was it his attitude? Was he an offense-only player? Was he selfish? Or just because Tikhonov was nuts? Drozdetsky's peak is impressive. How does it stack up to McDougall's? Drozdetsky finished 3rd in Soviet scoring twice, which is impressive. McDougall led his league in scoring once, was 3rd twice, and was 1st in goals/game another year. Certainly, Drozdetsky played in a much more competitive era, but is it enough to make up for McDougall's more impressive finishes? McDougall the 2nd highest scoring player of his era, being three one hundreths of a goal/game behind Haviland Routh. I can't help but think McDougall is a better offensive player. Neither player brings much in terms of intangibles to the table.

Overall, I'd call 1st lines are a very slight advantage to Philadelphia, for now. I'm willing to change this statement if McGimsie's offensive finishes were ahead of quality opponents or a group of nobodies. Green and Mickoski pretty much are a wash, I'll give McGimsie a slight advantage over Ftorek for now, and I think McDougall is better than Drozdetsky. I'd also say Philadelphia's group is a little better defensively due to Ftorek being the best defensive player on either line. Each line contains one two-way player and two average defensive players. But, Ftorek is better defensively than Mickoski considering his 6th in Selke voting.

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