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Originally Posted by DUHockey9 View Post
I'm certainly not acting as if Homer blew anything.

I'm totally fine with everything that went down with Brygalov. Homer's method has it's risks, but I'm glad we have a goalie.

I just don't like when it's implied that I'm crazy for thinking a goalie might become a bargain.

Yes you could say we might miss out on a goalie entirely, or pay a lot more, the issue is. There is NOTHING that would suggest that would happen. Why would that possibly happen based upon the number of goalies on the market and the number of teams that needed goalies?

Seriously. I'm not trying to be an ass or condescend you; but do you really not get the basic principles of supply and demand? One scenario was far more likely than another (scenarios being A-you get left with no one/overpay or B-you get a bargain).

I think the bottom line is:

would it be worth it to risk getting nothing for the chance to get a bargain?

when you factor in that we were moving richie/carter I say ABSOLUTELY NOT.

could you imagine how bad we'd be w/ boucher and our current roster (probably minus jagr)

given this, (that we arent taking the risk, and are going after bryz) it isnt bad negotiating to officially declare you want bryz.

doing so definitely lowered his cap hit. It started a good relationship: he wanted to win, then (after snider stepped in) he wanted to win with us!

(so he shaved off about 500-750k)

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