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08-30-2011, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by DUHockey9 View Post
We're talking specifically about good, starting level goaltenders (Bryz, Vokoun, Roloson, and in this case Varlamov) as well as contending teams that needed a goalie (Avs kind of being the exception).

Come on man, it's really not hard to get this. As this article clearly indicates, Vokoun wanted to play for a contender badly. It's quite easy to see who those contenders were, coming into this offseason.
Your whole supply and demand theory doesn't really work in this situation. He received multiple offers. He took less money to play for the Caps. Supply and Demand doesn't really calculate externalities like personal choice. If this were a case of four goalies and four teams all on equal footing, then yes, waiting would have been ok and we would have had one of four goalies for a reasonable price. But all things weren't equal. Bryz was arguably the best goalie. Vokoun was second, and the others fell somewhere after that. I would prefer the best player available, but that is just me. And maybe Vokoun is the best and maybe Bryz is, but if I'm the GM I want the best guy and I am gonna go after him. You want to field the best team possible. Remember when the Flyers signed the Beezer because he was cheaper? That worked out great...

Vokoun has also indicated that he wanted to play for a winner. Did he consider Philly a winner? More so than Washington? Who knows. That is what I am saying. It isn't as simple as just a one for one switch. Obviously the Flyers COULD have signed him if they waited. But they also COULD have signed Bryz if they waited. And they COULD have made a trade for Stamkos or Doughty. And they COULD have signed Brad Richards. And so forth and so on. I am not arguing that it wasn't a POSSIBILITY that he would sign here, but some people seem to be acting like it was more than a possibility. Just go back and look at the Scott Hannan thread.

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