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10-06-2005, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Ironchef Chris Wok
Dude, the marine guard guarding Roslin was Black! And the priestess who stepped on a landmine! They were a token Black presence!
Oh right, a black security guard - who would have thought? Is the black spiritual leader supposed to be like Jesse Jackson or Sharpton or something? Meh.

Racetrack (Leah Cairns) would be another good one IMO.
I wouldn't mind more of storyline for Kat. The actress reminds me of Vasquez in Aliens, and it might be cool to see her doing some more butt-kicking in the show.

His call sign was CHUCKLES. It's SO BAD. They might as well called him "sliteye".
LOL. It could be worse. Just think seven years of the emasculated, geeky, awkward-with-the-gals Harry Kim. At least these people had the courtesy of killing off Sliteye early on. Anyway, I'll stop nitpicking at the issue of race in casting. It's certainly not as bad as Star Wars.

I think the writers want to put the audience at a dilemma. The Pegasus crew is technically and legally correct while morally bankrupt. Galactica is more of a spit and polish loosely organized technically incorrect ship but not morally bankrupt.
I haven't seen the new show's Pegasus episode yet, but this sounds a little bit like what they tried to do in the original show when the fleet found Pegasus. Of course, I expect the Ron Moore version to be a lot darker and well written, unlike the unbelievably bad writing and predictability of the original. I'm not sure if I'm cool with the rather young Ensign Ro playing Commander Cain (or Kane?), but I suppose it can't be any worse than the godawful job done by Lloyd Bridges in the 1978 version. Does the new show's Cain also have a pilot daughter named Sheba with a large rack but poor acting skills?

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