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08-30-2011, 04:19 PM
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Well to be honest everyone i asked about the trade said almost the exact same thing: "Good riddance .." i would think we value loyalty more then a possible 100 points up here.
I love it how the city and it's fans gets attacked when they are not the ones who started this mess..which by the way worked out extremely good for us.
Torrie is another story..he deserves credit for this team which will i believe dominate this year and i was told by someone quite prominent in the organization that he turned down a 1 year deal.
As for Lambert he was a victim of Torries decisions and i think he was a good coach with a bad team.
Certainly a very good man.Torrie was not a fan favorite because he was never seen in the arena..he was upstairs somewhere .
Oshawa has a history with us and i am not surprised by any negative comments from that area..
99% of the fans supported Catenacci while he was here and even when he didn't produce...99% seem to feel the same way now ..
If you think about it logically he was treated extremely good ..why the heck would he want to leave a situation where everyone was for him??? Maybe someone can ask his dad....shades of Eric Lindros

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