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Originally Posted by tuckrr View Post
Sure that makes sense, but think about risk V reward...

whats the reward of a 1 year 1.5mil vokoun to us? (with no richie/carter)
whats the risk of having boucher instead of any goalie. (pretty fu-king high)

thats all there is to it. You have to take risks in sports to get ahead, but you also have to be careful. Having nothing from being greedy is a lot worse than playing it safe (especially in net)
Why would we have a 1.5 million goalie yet not Richards and Carter? We don't know where the line was drawn between moving them for cap space and moving them to move them. We may have very well kept them if we had gotten a goalie that cheap.

We have Bob.

And there is also risk in giving that much money to Bryz for 9 years.

Risk is risk. You've also got to weigh long term risk versus short term risk.

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