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Originally Posted by BiLLY_ShOE1721 View Post
McDougall didn't play against the best competition, but it still wasn't bad. If his competition is so bad, why did the one guy ahead of him in goals/game pre-1899 and 6 guys behind him get taken in the ATD with an ADP of 593, whereas he was selected at 1,010? I'd love to know.
These are Iain's numbers for the main Kenora Thistles, so just players on McGimsie's own team:

McGimsie: 109 goals in 57 games (1.91 per game)
Phillips: 98 in 53 (1.85)
Griffis: 45 in 43 (1.05)
Hooper: 47 in 65 (0.72)
Undrafted: 28 in 41 (0.68)
Undrafted: 3 in 38 (0.08)

Bear in mind Phillips, Hooper and Undrafted all played cover-point at some time or another.
I guess I should be asking why Tommy Phillips is regularly drafted in the Top 250 when McGimsie scored at very similar rate? It's because Phillips had elite intangibles and was a LW.

Your "the closest comparables to McDougall have an ADP of 593" is a fine bit of statistical smoke and ignores the fact that the guys who were drafted high were drafted for their intangibles, not their goal scoring. And McDougall doesn't seem to have those intangibles.

Alf Smith (282)? Drafted for his elite intangibles
Harry Westwick (434)? Drafted for his intangibles
Graham Drinkwater (443)? Drafted as a defenseman!!!! (Are we supposed to be impressed that McDougall scored more goals than guy who often played as and is always drafted as a defenseman?)

So the proper comparisons for McDougall would be McKerrow (573), Trihey (784), Swift (823), Routh (834).

And given Trihey's role as captain of multiple Cup winners, it's easy to see why he's drafted first.

So that leaves Clare McKerrow, Dolly Swift and Haviland Routh as McDougall's actual comparables. Not nearly as impressive, huh? Unless someone knows something about McKerrow that I don't, I have no idea why he was drafted as high as he was. Yeah, I guess McDougall should have been drafted right up there with Swift and Routh. But the "ADP of 593" thing is a joke.

Now a real question would be this:

Why did Drozdetsky fall so far behind countrymen Balderis (used on a first line in the ATD!) and Kapustin? That one, I honestly don't know for sure.

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