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08-30-2011, 06:42 PM
Chapin Landvogt
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I`ll say this...

- I certainly do NOT believe the Penguins finish first in the Atlantic if Crosby misses the season. One way or another, I also predict that Malkin WILL have problems coming back from that knee surgery as several ligaments had to be repaired.
- No-one should think for a second that Reimer is ready to be a starter who leads an NHL team to the playoffs. Odds are heavily against him.
- Philly still has MUCH going for them. If either Schenn or Couturier can contribute regularly, much less both, this team is the best in the conference over 82 games.
- I won`t put a cent of belief into New Jersey being successful until we see how the players respond to Deboer. Simply put, it`s questionable that anyone not named Lemaire is the "right" guy to coach the Devils.
- Somehow, I still think the Rangers will struggle, but doggone it, I do see Richards putting up 65+ points and relieving some of the pressure on the other guys there, thus making the Rag$ a fairly dangerous team in the East. Their defense has much to prove though.

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