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08-30-2011, 10:50 PM
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I'm currently building with Dreamhomes by Krisner. Their showhome is up in Griesbach however we are building in a subdivision in Beaumont with them. They have been great for us so far. They will do a custom home for you and the drafting of the plans is included in the price of the home. We brought them a plan we liked from another builder to use as a basis, told Jermey (owner) what we liked about the plan and where we'd like to make changes - obviously we had to make enough alterations to the plan so it was not a complete copy, mind you have have seen some direct ripoffs out there. He does the drafting himself and on the first try he captured what we wanted in our home. They are not one of the large box builders, smaller amount of homes, really great quality.

They have a great base level of home, obviously you could build it as crazy as you want it - only your imagination and pocket book will stop you there. Even simple things like the fact they put ethernet and cable into each bedroom was a nice touch, some builders only allow X many jacks before they start charging you per run, but since each room already had lines put into them I didnt have to add anything (mind you I still did, but thats mostly because Im a computer geek and needed a couple extras, but I really didnt have to - dont let my wife see that)

I cant say enough good about them, I would definately not hesitate to recommend them to anyone out there. Just tell them Brad sent you.

Their website is under construction right now otherwise I'd link it here, I just spoke to Jeremy today on it, they hope to have it up and lookin purdy very soon.

This is my 3rd house I am having built and so far they have been the best builder I've delt with.

Give them a shot, talk with Jeremy and see what he can do for you... cant hurt to talk

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