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Originally Posted by Rapid eye movemenT View Post
I went to my LHS (well, local as in Oakland from San Jose), and after a few hours of trying on just about every skate they had, I went with the Graf Ultra G35's @ $599. More than I wanted to spend, but no boot felt as great as this one did. If I weren't with an associate who was as thorough as he was, I would have settled for a cheaper pair but he did his job well and found the one that fit MY FOOT.

Bravo Graf. I wanted to never wear your boot because of superficial reasons, and now I couldn't be happier.
Nice choice with the Ultra G35X. Joe Pavelski thinks so too and doesn't get paid to wear them. I have the exact same skate. I chose them for the exact same reasons you did. Nothing felt more comfortable walking around the store or locked my heel in like the G35. 735 is supposed to be the same fit, but they just were not as comfortable.

I have Sidas footbeds, but they aren't the customs. They were thrown in since I spent $599

I've had these for 6 months and they were baked twice so here's my experience. Keep in mind that I have a very narrow, bony foot with alot of bumps etc.

1) Heel lock-unbelievable. I have a narrow-pronounced heel and it's like the skate was custom made. Heel has never moved, no blisters, etc. I have trouble getting the skate off actually because the heel is so tight. I've yet to see a heel area shaped like that from any other skate company.

2) Instep depth- perfect for me. I have a high arch and I'm prone to lace bite. Absolutely no issues. My Bauers/Microns in the 90's used to kill the top of my feet.

3) Forefoot/toe cap-Regular width is too wide for me. The first eyelet is pulling over the toe cap from me tightening the skates. Next time I'll try a narrow.

4) Profile- I really like to be on the balls of my feet so I had these custom profiled. 1 degree additional forward pitch and I was told changed from a 9ft. radius to an 11ft. Seems like you guys are saying they come 11 so maybe it's a 13 now. That would explain why no one can catch me in a straight line, but my turning radius is about the width of the rink

5) Pain- I've had to have them punched 3X now and likely will again. I have 3 bony protrusions on the inside of my feet in the ankle area that turned into skate bunions and are really painful. I guess it's the downside to a stiff skate and a bony foot.

Overall I love the skate and once those areas are punched again they'll be perfect. I may decrease the radius back to 11 if it is in fact at 13 now.

Just curious. What size sneaker/tennis shoe do you wear and what size are your G35's? I wear a 12 shoe, G35's are 10's.

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