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Originally Posted by DUHockey9 View Post
You seem to be speaking of risk on the rink. I'm speaking more of a cap risk. There are all sorts of risk, and that's kind of my point. As you alluded to, going with a guy like Boucher all year is a risk (not that that was ever a possibility this year, but just for the sake of an example). Just as signing Bryz to a 9 year deal is a risk; but they are VERY different kinds of risk. One is risking potentially a great team with a mediocre goalie. The other is risking long term cap space.

Which risk(s) is more pressing is really subjective, but my overall point is that risk exists everywhere. Signing Bryz is quite risky as well.
I've never argued that there is zero risk with Bryz, but that absolutist argument is pointless, since literally every contract has some risk.
(Just like every player has a risk of getting injured)

To be clear, what I've been saying is:
comparing the risk of losing that cap space
the risk of having the goaltending we had this year isnt equal by a looooong shot.

One kills a cup run season.

One could cost us 5 mil almost 10 Years from now
(Or could be dealt with via moves...or may never be an issue and could be GOOD, see Thomas)

That's the difference of a calculated risk that can actually benefit the team,
And a dumb risk which could marginally help the team (or just as easily ruin it)

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