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08-31-2011, 08:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Buddio View Post
I raged at a feeder harder then I have ever raged in a game before. 0-18-2 before the 20 minute mark

I feel like BeBen.....
It's only gonna get worst, especially at 30 when you actually expect people to have the experience and skills necessary to tell themselves to play passively if they get killed once or twice in lane

Nothing against bad games if i see they're trying not to die but 0-18 is just intentional feeding to me

The most frustrating game ever involves a Ranked game where i was playing solo top Udyr, dominating my lane against a Mordekaiser (that's something) where mid went 0-7 against the enemy Anivia in 8 minutes

From that point on Anivia was just going around the map ganking people, she combo'd me on my tower even through my turtle shield i couldn't believe it

It was a loss forgiven though because of servers problems but i was seriously boiling from rage cause i had won my lane, and it was a really though one to win

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