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Originally Posted by Walkingthroughforest View Post
Ah, I love Lombo but I think this might be his last kick at the can. Darrien Hatcher nearly destroyed his career with a vicious concussion in 2004 and he's been in and out for years. I hope he does well here, but I think his NHL career won't last much longer with his head problems.
I love all the certified physicians in here. Thanks for the input "Dr." Walkingthroughforest.

This is Lombardi's first serious concussion and the second of his career... if I had a dollar for every player in the NHL who has suffered a concussion I would be richer than all of you.. (even the dr's like walkingthroughforest).

He's played it completely safe, sat out a full season as he needed to do, has been checked over and over again and is now symptom free. He's not coming back early like Crosby, who suffered 2 concussions in 4 games. Lombardi should be just fine... it won't be difficult for him to be the same player.

Also as an aside... by quick look of Derian Hatcher's injury history, he never once suffered a serious concussion. From what I can see and remember he had multiple leg injuries including a torn ACL and two knee surgeries. Lets keep our heads on straight here gentlemen.

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