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Originally Posted by vecens24 View Post
How in gods name are you questioning Dahlen's defensive play? Defensive play=/= to PK ability. Craig Adams isn't a great defensive player, he's only a grinder, but he's a top PKer in the NHL. You expect Dahlen to be a net presence for every team he was ever on on the PP, play top 6 ES minutes, AND play PK time? Come on Billy. He'd be getting 25 mins a game doing that.

Everywhere you look online, Dahlen is good defensively.

"Dahlen has played for three different teams during his eight-year career, but not because his teams didn’t want him. On the contrary, he’s the type of player every GM wants—a gifted offensive player with a good head for defense. In short, Dahlen is the complete package."

"dependable vet two-way forward"

"During the early part of Halpern’s career, he centered a line that included veteran wingers Steve Konowalchuk and Ulf Dahlen. For a few seasons in the early part of the previous decade, that combination formed one of the league’s top shutdown trios. "

Like, get a ****ing clue.

It's also an absolute joke that you don't mention how Tanti is absolutely a negative in his own zone. He didn't give a damn about defense his entire career.

He was not at all a physical presence: "Often playing behind Rob Brown and Mark Recchi, and simply wasn't the type of player to fill the third line role as he wasn't great defensively nor a physical presence."

Tanti, in my opinion, is the prototypical goal accumulator on a bad team (think a better version of Alexei Ponikarovsky on the Leafs three years ago when he went to the Pens and couldn't score and ended up sitting the bench. Tanti got traded to a Pens team at age 26 and couldn't do much). He also isn't exactly a great even strength scorer either, (for instance, his 45 goal season he finished a solid 36th in ES goals, and by the way I'm not claiming Dahlen to be a wizard in that realm either). If you're going to compare lines, compare them at ES where they actually matter, not just blind totals to make your players look better.

Absolute ****ing joke.
Hostile much? Geez. Dahlen is easily a vastly superior defensive player to Tanti. Is that good enough? Point to me exactly where I said Tanti was a physical presence. That's right, I didn't. I said there was typically a correlation between being a strong two-way player and being a PKer. There are certainly exceptions, and Dahlen seems to be one of them. Am I not the only one that finds it surprising Dahlen was out for a grand total of 7 power play goals against?

I could say the same thing about Dahlen on the PP where he benefited greatly. 39.87% of Dahlen's goals came on the PP, and 41.11% of Tanti's came on the PP. Not exactly a large difference. Are we punishing these two guys because they were good in front of the net on the PP?

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