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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Dahlen was famous for baiting other players into hitting him, so he could pass to the open man; doesn't sound like "shying away" to me.

If you want someone who can punch your guys in the face, Jack Evans, Garth Butcher, or Randy McKay will be happy to. You don't need someone willing to drop the gloves on every line, especially in the playoffs. But you do need the ability to win puck battles.
You do need the ability to win puck battles. I have that in Green and Ftorek's combined ability. As I illustrated before, the catalyst of my 2nd line Nicklas Backstrom doesn't need a guy in the corners for his line to function correctly, we've seen it in real life. He actually played his best in the playoffs with the 3rd member of his line that I would consider least willing to go into the corners.

Ftorek might be willing, but is he able? We have specific reason to believe his size was a detriment to him once he left the wide open WHA and moved to the NHL. If he tries to go into the corner hard with Jack Evans, he's going to get pasted.
It never stopped Ftorek before, and I don't see why it will now. He certainly faced players that were as or were more physical than Jack Evans, and it didn't stop him from going into the corners again. Combined with Green's grittiness and pest ability, I don't see puck winning being a problem on my 1st line. You and vecens seemed to be convinced otherwise and I don't see any other way to convince you because I've supplied multiple quotes about his intensity, willingness to go into the corners despite his size, and ability to avoid hits.

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