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3rd Lines




I'll start off by saying I'm a big Sami Kapanen fan. He was awesome in his time with the Flyers, a strong team player with great speed. Speaking only of his time in Philadelphia, I seem to remember his hands were not that great. He would use his great speed to get in position to score, but couldn't finish it off. But if you look at his time in Carolina, he had good offensive production. It seems like his hands almost disappeared when he came to Philadelphia, going from 69 points to 31, 30, and 34 in the years that should have been his prime, his late 20s and early 30s. I see Kapanen is on your 2nd PK unit, and I think he's a bit out of place there. He was only a PKer in Philadelphia, and his ranks are 3, 3, 2, and 4. He was out for a total of 15 power play goals against in his time in Carolina, never being a real factor on the PK. 84.5% of the power play goals against he was out for came in just 37.4% of his games. As I said, I think he's out of place there. Krushelnyski has 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, and 5. Kapanen has the superior career adjusted PPG, .6052 to .5229. One thing to note here is that Kapanen was getting top lines minutes in Carolina, whereas Krushelnyski was not. Here are Kapanen's overall TOI finishes in Carolina(among players at his position): 1, 1, 1, 1, 1. Keeping in mind that he barely killed penalties in Carolina, that's almost all ES and PP time. The role that Kapanen played in Philadelphia is the one he's playing here, 3rd line. During Kapanen's time in Carolina(97-98 to 01-02), Kapanen had 296 points. 109 of them(36.8%) came on the power play. Kapanen isn't getting any power play time here. I don't believe we have any stats about how many power play points Krushelnyski had, but I'm not positive about that. Whatever they are, I'm pretty sure it's not as many as Kapanen had. Kapanen had one homer vote for Selke, finishing 59th. I don't count that as anything. Krushelnyski doesn't have any either. I think Krushelnyski might be a little better defensively because he actually played as a checker for a larger portion of his career compared to Kapanen, and has the stronger PK resume.

If my opponents would be so willing, would you care to do some of the comparisons? I'm going out and will be back later and I can't keep up with arguing two guys and doing the heavy lifting of comparisons.

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