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10-06-2005, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Nemo
Well, the following is pretty obvious: when the oppsite team has the puck in your own d-zone, allways try to stay "inside the game", meaning that you try to stay between the puck and the defenceman you´re staying with.
Two points:
1) Let's say I'm the defenseman who is covering the right-wing. What if he moves to his defense line and he stays there with his defenseman. Should I follow him right away, or should I wait that one of the three goes down? It can become very confusing when the other team players switch positions and run around. If you happen to chase the ball in the corner and your man moves in the meantime, you get sometimes lost.

2) When stuck in your own zone, is it a good idea to have one the wingers go and help the defensemen and center near the net and have only one winger covering the defensemen? I remember Guy Carbonneau and Brian Skrudland doing a terrific job at it. If you should decided to do so, how far should you stay from the defensemen? Enough to cut a pass between them, I suppose?

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