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08-31-2011, 02:20 PM
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I hate the Flyers most. Always and forever. There is a huge Flyers fan in my Russian class this semester. I almost brought her to tears by continually asking about the strategy behind moving Carter and Richards (her most beloved player)

Red Wings are second for me. Mainly because of their fans and the job the mods do on the main board. I recall after the Cup win that a thread made about Crosby not shaking Lidstrom's hand was so classless. When a counter thread was made pointing out Lidstrom was the one that left the ice first, it was locked. Also, their fans can't seem to get over the fact that they lost in the Finals and that Crosby is simply a better player than any one individual on their team.

Also, a bit OT, but I recall seeing things on the main board like "Anyone who writes 7uongo or Ro8erto" or whatever it is would get an infraction. However, any posts about the Penguins tanking (which is absolute ******** and has been debunked countless times) is allowed to be accepted as fact.

Anyway, this is probably getting deleted so whatever.

But, honestly, the Caps don't bug me that much. It is hard for me to hate a team that never beats us in the playoffs. Same with the Rags.

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