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08-31-2011, 03:22 PM
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Originally Posted by David Singleton View Post
Here's the problem.

The ownership and management have come out and repeatedly said the "small market mentality is over in Nashville" and the "goal is not to just make the playoffs, but to bring the Cup to Nashville".

That could be the biggest load of marketing guff in the world and it wouldn't matter.

Fans have always had the right to complain. The ownership and management have now given them justification.

Much like you, I understand some of Poile's moves (even if I don't necessarily agree with all of them, for what little that's worth)- and it doesn't matter.

I can't blame a fan or player now for calling the bluff that's been put out there. The Predators have made that bed with both and they are now being forced to sleep in it.

Right now, they are still living on the high from last season. If things don't go well this season, the market will right itself soon and will catch up to the team.
I can agree with this. The problem isn't just the lack of movement. It's wiser to expect no big moves than any big moves simply based on the small amount of those types of transactions that occur. The trouble is that management had the fan base believing that the team that got everyone so pumped up last year is going to be even better this year. They were going to cast off the image of a glorified farm club. They were going to easily get Weber locked up, and then Suter and Rinne, and then they would plug the very few holes we had left. Everyone was so excited after the initial disappointment of being ousted by the Canucks wore off.

Now, a lot of folks, including myself, are frustrated. Part of that is due to the long, boring summer. Part of it is the bitter taste left in our mouths after Weber went to arbitration rather than being locked up for five or six years. Part of it, for some, is the lack of landing a big name forward.

I agree that everyone has the right to complain about the way the team is managed. We pay our hard earned, and sometimes irresponsibility so, in order to support the team. The only issue I have is when the frustration, either with the team or with fellow fans, boils over to constant bickering and personal attacks. This is getting a bit out of hand.

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