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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I'm not going to respond to every point, but:

Seriously? Iain posted the stats when I drafted McGimsie and now you need him to confirm to assume I'm not just making crap up by re-posting the stats that he provided?

Are you trying to be a dick?
I never saw him post them. My apologies that I don't remember every single post. I thought he PMed them to your or something.

Define, "relevant," because last I checked there were more HHOFers who played in McGimsie's league than McDougall's...

In fact, did a single forward in McDougall's league make the HHOF? Drinkwater and Grant were defensemen. Alf Smith made the Hall, but he barely competed against McDougall.
Trihey is in the HOF. There are some very odd inductions into the HHOF from the early years of the NHL where the guys that got in have worse credentials that guy that haven't.

Okay, maybe this needs to be made clear: our ATD, while an interesting and educational exercise, is still a fantasy world. If your only evidence for a player's greatness is past draft position, that's really no better than having no evidence at all.
So you think the ATD canon is wrong? Not saying that it isn't, it very well may be, but is there something that really suggests that those guys all don't belong in the ATD?

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