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08-31-2011, 04:06 PM
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Originally Posted by triggrman View Post
I get tired of being labelled all "sky is falling" or "negative" for pointing out this is not been his best offseason.
I don't think anyone is upset about that. In fact, I think most people agree with that statement.

It is the fact that people are saying, "I'm getting tired..." or "I'm sick and tired...". All I was saying is get used to it.

And me calling out "the sky is falling" talk is to the people who assume and think they know how Poile manages this team. I am pretty sure I know who told pf98 what she posted on here... I also am 99% sure that 99% of that story is true, and 1% of it exaggerated.

Talk to ANY real life PRO GM and they will tell you that trades sometimes take a YEAR to complete. They sometimes take MONTHS to complete. As a matter of fact, I won't name names, but I talked to one GM here recently and the fastest trade he ever pulled took 48 hours. And outside of that, the other fastest of his took 1-2 weeks. This isn't EA Sports NHL 11. Other GM's around the league are trying to keep their job just as much as David Poile. Poile is handicapped compared to others as he has a smaller budget and manages in a non-traditional market. If you don't think that hinders him, then we will just have to agree to disagree on this whole subject.

Originally Posted by Joetimo View Post
Has the salary cap floor not been imposed post lockout.

**** this. The fact I hold I different belief about the future of the team makes me a debby downer or earns me the title of radical with no rational solutions to our team's problems. I wrote for the team for two years, I have been a play by play and color commentator for a college hockey team. I am currently a writer for said hockey team and soon to be tv color commentator for the team. I am not some bumpkin and I am tired of being treated like one.
I don't think anyone is treating you like that. I understand your disappointment in this offseason, but to act like Poile is just sitting on his hands and not on the phone right now trying to make a deal with LA, Buffalo, and NYR is ludicrous. No one knows whether teams are willing to give up pieces in a trade for Weber. No one knows whether Rinne wants to negotiate now. No one knows whether Suter wants to stay long-term. So you can't bash Poile just because we don't know these facts.

Step down from the ledge. It is a LOOOOOOOOOONG fall.

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