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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Actually, I got the quote from Pelletier. I'm pretty sure that it's not in your profile
Pelletier is in my profile, I think I just cut that part out for obvious reasons.
1) McGimsie was less of a midget for his era than Ftorek. He was only 10 pounds lighter than Ftorek, playing in an era when the average human being was much smaller.

2) We have specific evidence that Ftorek's lack of size was an issue in the NHL, something that it was not in the WHA. There is no evidence that McGimsie couldn't compete in a better league, as he did just fine in Cup Challenges.

3) Again, you don't need a pugilist on every line, but every line will be involved in puck battles many times per game.
I'm done with this topic.

I don't know about anyone else, but I literally laughed when I saw the bolded statement.
That's in reference to my line(Tanti-Backstrom-Sands). Backstrom is the engine of that line. To suggest Backstrom is the engine of the Ovechkin-Backstrom-whoever line is crazy.


I don't know what amuses me more:

1) Using Nicklas Backstrom and the Washington Capitals as a model of what it takes to succeed in the playoffs


2) Arguing that nobody on Backstrom's real-life line provides a physical presence:

They're not the model of success, but their forwards are not the problem of why they don't win in the playoffs. Their defense and goaltending are much bigger problems as to why they can't succeed in the playoffs compared to the forwards. In the offensive zone, Ovechkin spends the majority of his time hovering in the slot and at the tops of the circles looking for passes to rip shots home. From what I've seen of him, he doesn't cycle that much. He certainly can forecheck, but he likes to stay in scoring positions from what I've seen.

1) Eden Hall's powerplay will punish Philadelphia for undisciplined play.
Jim Dorey is really the only player on our team I'd call undisciplined. Juzda was very physical, but didn't take that many penalties.

2) Ribeiro won't be in position to be hit as often as Ftorek will, as Dahlen will own the boards and the front of the net. You seem to be counting on Ftorek to help Red Green in the toughest areas of the ice.
I'm done with the Ftorek and Green debate, I've said all I can.

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