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Originally Posted by BiLLY_ShOE1721 View Post

Trihey is in the HOF. There are some very odd inductions into the HHOF from the early years of the NHL where the guys that got in have worse credentials that guy that haven't.
Trihey was only on the leaderboards for 1 season that McDougall played - McDougall's final season when he played only 2 games.

Agree that there are odd inductions from the early years, but it seems that as a whole, the HHOF committee respected McGimsie's league more than they did McDougall's. The HHOF committee seems to have relatively little respect for players who played before 1900. Is it era related bias, since the Hall didn't exist until 1945? Maybe.

But IMO, the HHOF, while far from perfect, is a better source than a single year's ATD list. Though neither is very good on its own, IMO.

So you think the ATD canon is wrong? Not saying that it isn't, it very well may be, but is there something that really suggests that those guys all don't belong in the ATD?
It's hardly "canon" when markrander picks Dolly Swift much higher than he was ever picked (though perhaps about where he deserved to be picked).

ATD canon is not necessarily wrong, but it's not necessarily right, either. I think in the first 400-500 picks, we've reached some sort of consensus, but it's a free-for-all after that.

Especially when it comes to spares, where we pick guys more for their roles than how good they were - notice the run on mediocre multi-positional players when we start selecting spares - or just make lazy picks like when I picked Alexei Zhitnik as my spare defenseman.

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