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08-31-2011, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by jerseyislander22 View Post
Get over the wang wont spend a buck garbadge, just cuz he doesn't overpay and screw up a cap situation to get a player that isn't that good in the first place. So tired of that dumb song
Um, you get over pretending he isn't strangling the club because of financial issues tied directly to not getting his arena deals done. It has nothing to do with "not overpaying." If there is one thing the hockey-knowledge deprived owner has taught me is he will overpay... When he hasn't tied the health of his payroll to the acquisition of an arena deal financially lucrative to Wang Inc. I can understand where his recent miserly ways have come from, but they still suck for us and the team regardless. He's hurting the club, Perhaps justifiably to most, but he is still hurting the club.

Just look at where payroll is yet again... At the cap floor, in technicolor.

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