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HF Sharks 13 (PS3): New Game, Old Thread

(made by Nem)

EASHL club for the PS3.

The rules to join are simple:
1) You must own a PS3 and NHL 13

2) You must be a Sharks fan who frequents this board. "frequenting the board" is defined as having been a member for more than one month, having greater than 100 posts primarily on the Sharks board, and somewhat more subjectively, being able to be identified at a glance as a Sharks board poster by team management.

Rules in-game are just as simple:
We have chat box opened in the PS3 Dashboard. If you want to play club, simply join the chat. This avoids all the unnecessary messaging of individuals, making things a lot less troublesome. Also helps for those who don't have a mic to still communicate with others.

How to join the club in-game:
If you want to join, search for our club in the club list and request an invitation. Nem or one of the GMs will add you from there. It's also possible to just get a friend request from one of the 3 and they'll invite you directly, but if it's anything like NHL 12, they won't be able to add you that way unless both of you are on. Sending in a request via the club list is a lot easier.

Post in this topic if you sent in a request. A lot of randoms sent in requests last season that didn't even know what HF was. This helps us distinguish who is actually from here.

Club Legend
dr: dressing room (said in chat to indicate if you want to play EASHL. "club?" also works)
otp: Online team play. (Sometimes no clubs are on, so we just play in community with randoms)
stigsucks: password for everything (used when we play intra-squad games in OTP)


HF nameNotePSN namePos 1Pos 2Pos 3Pos 4
Bluefunnel Bluefunnel    
Cloned TheMadClonerLWRW  
Costcopizza CostcopizzaLDRDW 
Jurgy25 DK_JurgyW   
The Nemesis*!the_nemesis_hfRDLD  
PinkFloyd budfloyd     
Sharksfan1 ViperX2RWLW  

* club owner
^ club GM
# not yet joined
! mic/headset enabled

Huskins Time

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