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08-31-2011, 07:12 PM
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Can I bring something to light about money spent for this team. I don't know the exact numbers but let's look at something that hasn't been brought to light. This teams needs to make the playoffs to break even or thereabouts correct? We have to stay below a certain point for revenue sharing, correct? What if we spend past the limit, we lose out on revenue sharing. So that's what, a $6-10 million dollar loss, correct? So say we miss the playoffs, now we're out all that money. Do that a few years in a row and we're done as a franchise in Nashville. Say we do we make the playoffs and go one round, we lose around $4-8 million dollars? Still not a good proposition. We have to probably go to the Conference Finals to break even financially. Talk about pressure as a GM and an ownership group.

We go past the midpoint, we lose money which we have no way of making up. So our salary cap numbers go up regardless and lose the revenue sharing. Do we really feel that one player is now going to push us over the edge? Are we willing to take that risk?

This doesn't happen overnight people. Last summer we complained that we couldn't make it past the first round and we do it this summer and instead of rejoicing about it, we're bickering about moves that Poile did or didn't make? I used to be on the side that we needed to get rid of Trotz because he couldn't get us anywhere in the playoffs. Now he has and the guy with no neck has grown on me, sort of like a fungus. Do I think he's the perfect coach, nope, his PP still sucks but he gets the most of a roster I've seen from a coach in years. Poile has to work within a budget. He is up against a stacked deck in that most teams have about $10-12 million more to spend than we do and that is usually going to get you 2 pretty good players or 3 solid players. Imagine if we had the funds to go out and get two top three forwards. We'd all be pretty ecstatic.

There are risks involved in everything. I'd love for the team to spend more money but not at the expense of losing the team. I used to think differently but once this team grows on you, you don't want to lose it.

We all love the team. Let's find some good thoughts about the team and each other as today's earlier tragedy hopefully has put this in perspective for all of us.

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