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Originally Posted by teamstag
They aren't the hardest shots but they seem to be pretty accurate to me. One thing I tried last year when I was doing wrist shots was as I was winding up I lifted my leg and kinda used it as an extra push. I know lots of people do it but I thought it was just for show. It actually does add some power to your shot.

I taught myself how to skate so even just being at the same level as a few of the better guys is amazing to me. Although I still don't know how to do slap shots properly
When you practice your slap shots on the board, don't put too much energy. Go for precision. Try to shoot on the goalie's belly because if you try to shoot on a certain corner of the net the risk that it misses the net increases. By aiming to the belly, even if you miss the "target" by three feet horizontally or vertically, you still hit the net area. If you're "good" at missing the target by two or three feet, then you will have success because you will hit the corners of the net, and that's where the balls go in!

Before the game, I calibrate my shot. I position myself five feet from the board and shoot. If the shot is weak I keep shooting from the same distance until the ball hits the board really hard. Then I back up until I'm 10 feet from the board and go into the same process. I prefer to shoot 40 times on the board than to shoot with the rest of the team and have the chance to shoot only three times. Unless you're a defenseman with a lot of space, you should practice snap shot because you shoot faster.

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