Thread: News Article: Wade Belak dead at 35
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08-31-2011, 08:01 PM
Bill McNeal
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Some food for thought from two former fighters:

dingdish Chris Dingman
When your done, your left to let ponder, what do I do with, myself now? Tough to ponder... More needs to be done to ease the transition.
56 minutes ago

dingdish Chris Dingman
People think sports, and most just see a lifestyle. It is really hard mentally and physically. Especially hard when your done.
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TysonNash Tyson Nash
Ur entire life is dedicated to hockey and then one day it's all over and ur kicked to the curb! And the NHLPA does nothing to prepare u.
17 minutes ago

TysonNash Tyson Nash
Hard for people to understand but retirement is the hardest thing a player will ever go through. Nothing can prepare u for it.

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