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08-31-2011, 08:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Being one of the best DOES NOT mean being always right. Everybody knows Dubé is one of the great as far as explaining the game and being able to dissect it. Also, Dubé is amongst a few ones, who often gives the Habs point of view instead of being in line with the others in their bashing contest.
Dude, I so expected you to respond to this. Sometimes I even wonder if you are Dubé himself. Just saying, I saw this little convo coming a mile away.

I'm not denying what you said, my beef with Dubé is that he seems clueless about some aspects of the game while very precise about other aspects, and other times, focuses too much on one thing and forgets another. With time, he also fell prey to the same polarized view of the play as other notables have (Pedneault was huge on this, one team was almost always 'dominating' the other team, in periods, sequences and such, totally denying the logical inevitability of such a thing happening, when it's a simple obvious fact that it's a game of ups and downs, and worse of all, chastisize the team being 'dominated'). Not saying Dubé does that as much, just noticed he did it more in the last few years than in the past. And as far as dissecting a game, Joel Bouchard, all the annoying mannerisms aside, is pretty on par with Dubé.

But if being wrong from time to time exclude you from being one of the best.....well nobody is.
You should tell that to all the obsessed people hounding me about Boucher.

Don't take it too seriously though, it was either that post I made, or one saying how I always thought he looked a lot like Gary Sinise.

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