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Originally Posted by Slick Rick View Post

As a future Pitt alum (graduating in May), I really don't want to see the Panthers in the Big 12. In the Big East, Pitt has a chance to win the conference and make it to a BCS bowl game year in and year out. In the Big 12, we'd be Texas and Oklahoma's ***** yearly. Pitt would still be competitive in basketball, but I worry about the attractiveness of the school in the eyes of Tri-State kids... a big part of the program's success over the years has been a result of successfully recruiting kids in that area. Plus, Big East basketball is the ****.

Long live the Big East.
The only conference I would see Pitt jumping ship for is the Big 10 at this point, unless the **** really hits the fan. WVU leaving the Big East would be cause enough for this to happen. But it is FAR more likely that the Big East goes after a good portion of the Big 12 rather then the other way around. Oklahoma may have had enough with the Texas arrogance and greed themselves, they and OK State would be on their way to the Pac 12 in a second if it happens.

As it stands right now the Big East is far more stable then the Big 12... and we don't even have a long term tv deal in place yet.

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