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09-01-2011, 12:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Jack Bourdain View Post
You have 100$ to spend on waivers.

If Jussi Jokinen is on fire and everyone is bidding for him:

Player 1 bids 2$
Player 2 bids 5$
Player 3 bids 10$

Player 3 picks up Jussi Jokinen, but loses 10$ (left with 90$). Player 1 and 2 don't lose anything.

You have 100$ to spend on waivers for the whole season and must choose how much you value a player over another, and how much your opponents value said player too.

Obviously if no one else shows interest in Jussi, and you bid 0$, you get him for free.


Either that, or we scratch this and make it so waivers follow the reverse order of ranking.
No let's do it. I'm all for it. That's sounds fun.

Thank you for the help

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