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09-01-2011, 10:22 AM
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respectfully disagree with above comment regarding chiropractic care

i am 50, played hockey for well over 20 years, prior to this i was moving furniture and began suffering the sciatic leg pain that indicated back problems.

after wasting time with regular Drs, chiropractic care took all of my pain away. a few years into my hockey playing, some 300 lb meathead crosschecked me into the boards (wall) at Eastridge in San Jose. after that i was out of action and in constant pain for about 3 months, during which i began agressive visits to chiro, which led to a return to the ice, and many years of playing.

my problems stemmed from an L5 being turned out of place and touching nerves. at the present time i have not been playing due to dismissal from my previous clubs captain, not for any health issues.

i have dealt with severe pain at times, yet never have i been prescribed any nasty pain medications such as Vicodin. i deal with pain by using naproxin or ibuprofen.

i currently have some neck issues and am seeing a chiro who has a table that stretches the spine, and has a feature where my neck is placed in a brace and then my neck is stretched to relieve pressure on the discs and return the C1, 2 and 3 to proper alignment. they are now curved to the right, and causing me headaches and arm numbness and pain.

surgery is an absolute last resort, and once gone through, i dont believe a person will ever be able to return to normal health. i had days where i walked around like a 90 year old man, chiropractic care saved my quality of life.

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