Thread: TSN 1260: Jason Bonsignore interview
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09-01-2011, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by copperandblue View Post
I am comparing two players starting out at the same place with the same challenges and pointing that it's up to the player to perservere through it.

But sure I can buy in, Bonsignore - although being the poster boy for colossal bust - was really just misunderstood and mistreated even though those that were here before him endured similar and got through it just fine.

I have little sympathy for a guy that was gift wrapped an opportunity that damn near every kid in Canada would kill for but didn't want bad enough to do what was needed to succeed at it.
It has probably very little to do with being misunderstood. It seems more like no one could care less to understand him. I understand your sentiment but mentally screwing a 19 year away from his home environment isn't that hard.

He was probably unprepared physically and mentally, and they punished him for it. The problem is how you work with young people. And seriously, comparing Messier during his peak with a teenager trying to make a team at 18-19 years old... its not really a good analogy.

From what i read and heard it seems Jason needed some special treatment, he probably lacked maturity. The organisation choose to **** him over and over and over to make sure he would understand what it takes. The thing is, that can break a kid or an adult even.

You would never do that today anywhere ... hopefully.

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