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09-01-2011, 01:25 PM
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While the debate about who is looting/fleecing who is interesting....I just want to know when this loophole that Comcast has been using along with Verizon is effin closed so I can get rid of Comcast and use a satellite provider legally to catch the Flyers this upcoming season.

I called DirecTV and they say they are still being blocked and to file a petition to the FCC which is futile in my opinion. I keep reading that people are being told that satellite providers will gain access by the start of the season but I haven't seen anything concrete or official. What the hell is Comcast doing to block this going through....I mean seriously this is a joke...they just were allowed to consolidate even more with the NBC deal and one of the regulators who ruled in favor of deal went over to Comcast like 3 effin months after she gave her approval (conflict of interest anybody!) and yet Comcast is still enaging in anti-competitive practices.

If anybody has anything more definitive..please post.

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