Thread: News Article: Wade Belak dead at 35
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09-01-2011, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by PhysicX View Post
I`m no psychologist, but from personal experience, it`s in moments of solitude that depression is ******* powerful. When you`re doing something or chilling with people, your mind keeps on working and you`ve got no time to ponder on dark/negative thoughts (or at least, less time). At night, I suffered, had a terrible time falling asleep because of these messed up thoughts, had to find ways for my mind to be entertained until I fell asleep. My parents hated it that I watched tv until 3AM on the couch and fell asleep there, but I am lucky to have had TSN/RDS/SNET/SETANTA looool. Next morning, university class. First year was hell. What put me back on my feet was opening up to my family. Once you talk about it and on top of that get feedback from people that also had a similar episode, time heals you and you free yourself from it eventually, drug and psychologist free (internet is great!).

That`s why, speak up folks. Even on a forum or to some random dudes like me, it helps.

I`ll go pour myself some cranberry/rasberry/apple/grape juice...
You're right, and I don't doubt you've had your moments. It's normal, most people in life have endured some sort of depression, even minimal. That being said, I found it odd that it reached this point for Wade. He wasn't a go to guy, and he didn't really play 82 games a year. He was just a guy in the room 50% of the time, and on the bench 90% of the time he in the line-up. It's not like I can't imagine him being depressed as I think it's a very common thing in life, but to imagine it reaching the point that he'd commit suicide not even a year after his seperation from on ice hockey? I mean, i'm not saying he should've waited or something, but it seems rather soon for a guy to feel and ACT on the depression so soon. If it were a case where hockey started and he saw the games and started to get depressed, I would understand more, but it seems odd to me. Even so, he was starting a new career in hockey, so it's not like he was out of the game completely or bored at home. He was supposed to play in AHL after placed on waivers, he chose to retire from the game.

His father seemed at a loss for words, so do all the players he played with. I do find it strange that he was home, without his wife and kids.

I find it odd, that's all. I think there was something past the hockey spectrum with him. Off-ice stuff so to speak, because he seemed perfectly comfortable with his role, career and future career choices.

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