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09-01-2011, 03:52 PM
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I agree, SLake. I was completely indifferent until someone on my facebook page mentioned his remarks on twitter. Of course, someone commented on that status update calling my friend a typical "emotional" fan, and I just had to respond. You don't call out fans, and then attempt to justify it by drawing some imaginary line between "real" and "fake" fans. It's stupid and selfish. I can understand football players wanting contracts with the most guaranteed money as possible, but if you can't handle being in the public eye then you don't have to play a sport that will put you into that position. You certainly don't have to create a twitter account. Don't put yourself ahead of the team because you think you're the best player on the team. Don't assume that because fans are frustrated with your hold-out that they aren't real fans of the team. Honestly, I'm a casual Titans fan, and I used to be a CJ fan as well. I don't consider myself to be a fan of his now, but I'll still root for the Titans.

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