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Originally Posted by FF de Mars View Post
They put good kool-aid sirupt, on their waffles, in hogtown. I still can't believe they think their non-playoff team is almost as good as ours.
Over the past few year the Boston fanbase seems to think their team is similar to Montreal (although of course they thing their team is better but you can't blame them for liking their own guys) so they at least respect Montreal as an opponent and have a reasonable picture of the team's ability to play.

Likewise, Toronto's fanbase think their team is pretty similar in ability to Montreal's, just in this case it leads them to think Montreal is worse than it is and they seem to think that means Montreal should be out of the playoffs too (or that they both are equally on the bubble).

This should get you started on man games lost to injury last season but if you look harder you can find better measurements like caphit lost to injury or minutes played per game lost to injury which better take into account the quality of players lost.

While Montreal was about average in man games lost they are above average in cap hit and minutes lost because of the big impact Markov's injury had. The cap hit thing can have perverse effects though, New York gets huge credit for losing about 5 million dollars worth of Chris Drury who was largely a useless player last season.

Its pretty clear that Carolina was boosted by being disgustingly healthy while the Islanders were sunk by so many guys on the IR, although I doubt they would have made the playoffs anyway, just not ended up with a lottery pick.

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